birds like wires



I started this blog to keep track of things that I would otherwise forget, shout about things I like and to contribute something (hopefully a useful something) to the web. Much better than having a bunch of text files hidden away somewhere.

There are a few things, particularly my work on the Joggler, which takes a little more time, effort and bandwidth. So, if you find something on here useful, there are couple of things you could do that would help.


One way of contributing would be to leave a helpful comment on an article, or point out something that I’ve done in a ridiculous way and suggest a better method. Comments on articles I’ve read online have often shown me better ways of doing things, and that’s invaluable.

The other way is more old-school. I like it when people refer to it as “buying me a pint”, and if you’d like to do so, thank you. It’s really appreciated.

Donate Seeds

Little Note: I would like to point out that any contributions may also be filtered into the ‘pay for the hosting’ fund. This site is now hosted by a friend, so contributions may well be filtered into a buy us a pint fund. As previously, donations with a note specifying that it can only be spent on beer will be strictly adhered to. ;)


Alternatively, do you like food? I do, and these guys deliver where I live. If you sign up with my referral code and we both get £10 off our dinner.

Thank you!