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SqueezePlay for Joggler

Latest Release: 7th November 2014

Version 1.59 (7.7.2-9710) – CHANGELOG
Download USB Installer – (12MB)
The USB Installer is for use with the O2 Native OS only.

SqueezePlay is an open source music player written by Logitech for their line of wireless audio devices. Ordinarily, SqueezePlay is used on desktop systems, but because the interface was designed with touchscreens in mind, it’s particularly well suited to the Joggler’s display.

This version has had the standard skin adapted for 800×480 resolution, is compatible with Jogglers running both the native operating system and ones based on Ubuntu, and is compiled from some of the latest source code. It also features a simple install method, which should load it onto your Joggler without too much fuss.

Features on the Joggler

  • Works on both Native and Ubuntu-based operating systems.
  • Can be installed from a USB stick on the native Joggler OS.
  • Update applet for simple and quick software upgrades.
  • Settings applet for backlight level and display standby.
  • Settings applet for internal or external (USB) audio interface.
  • Fully compatible with remote control apps, eg. Squeezebox Remote.

Marvellous, I’m sure you’ll agree.


The minimum you need to get started is an account at, which will give you access to content over the internet. However, to get the most out of SqueezePlay you should install Squeezebox Server onto your computer. This will serve out any music on your system to SqueezePlay, Logitech’s own Squeezeboxes and many DLNA compatible devices. You can also install plugins to the server, which will add features such as Spotify support and BBC iPlayer radio streaming.

Of course you will also need a Joggler, running either the native operating system, or one based on Ubuntu. If you are using the native operating system, it is important to make sure that you are running the final release of the O2 system, or the OpenPeak revision. At the time of writing this is:

  • Firmware: 8686.S3 (O2) or 8964 (OpenPeak)
  • Software: 26635.S3 (O2) or 30291 (OpenPeak)

You can check this from the Settings app, under the About menu option.

Joggler Native OS


If you are running the O2 revision, there is no need to have SSH access to your Joggler in order to install SqueezePlay on the Native OS. Simply download the USB installer from above and follow these instructions:

  1. Download the zip file and copy the contents to a FAT formatted USB stick.
  2. Make sure you have copied all the files, including the ‘.sum’ file.
  3. Plug the USB stick into a powered-off Joggler.
  4. Power on the Joggler and wait until the normal interface appears.

Once installed there will be a blue SqueezePlay icon on the launcher panel. Tap this to load SqueezePlay, complete the initial setup and then you can head to Settings > Update to check for the latest version.

Command Line Installation

If you are using the OpenPeak software, the USB installer will not work. You need to download the installer script and run it manually. This will grab the latest version for you straight away. The manual method can also be used on a Joggler running the O2 software if preferred.

First, if you are using the O2 software you will need to have set up SSH using the SSH/SCP Enabler. Follow the instructions, then log in to your Joggler using the Terminal app on Mac OS X or Ubuntu, or PuTTY on Windows.

If you are using the OpenPeak sofware, Telnet access is enabled by default on port 21, which can be used instead of SSH.

Once you see the command prompt, enter the following commands:

cd /media
chmod +x ./

The script will describe what it’s doing, then your Joggler’s interface will restart (this takes a few moments) and you’ll find a new blue icon for SqueezePlay. That’s it!

Ubuntu for Joggler


If you are using one of the versions of Ubuntu for Joggler, you need to install using the command line. On some releases there’s an ‘Install SqueezePlay’ icon on the Desktop already. You can use this, or you can fire up the Terminal app and enter the following commands:

chmod +x ./
sudo ./

Once the installation is complete, you should find a SqueezePlay icon under Sound & Video in the Gnome menu. If you are using Joli OS, the icon will be listed under Local Applications.

Updating and Additional Options

To check for updates, just head to Settings > Update. SqueezePlay will not check for updates automatically and won’t bug you should a new version become available.

  • So that I’m being totally transparent, to figure out how many people are actually using SqueezePlay for Joggler the updating process will send the MAC address of your Joggler to my update server. This is similar to the method used by O2 for updates (the MAC address of your Joggler is unique, but not private, and is readily waved around all over the internet when you’re online). If you’re interested, you can view the stats for yourself.


If you want to get rid of SqueezePlay, just browse to Settings > Advanced > Remove SqueezePlay. This will remove all of the application files and your settings.

Help and Credits

If you encounter any problems, or need some advice on this release, it’s best to ask on the SqueezePlay for Joggler (Standalone Native and Ubuntu) thread on the O2 Joggler Forum.

Thanks go to 3guk, Tarkan Akdam and JustBlair, who first developed the 800×480 skin.

I hope you find this useful, and if you do, maybe you’d like to take a look at this page. ;)

Can you please explain exactly how to change the /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf file? I’ve tried accessing it through the command program but it won’t let me access it. If I open the file by navigating directly to it, I can only “save as” and not overwrite the file. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in anticipation.

matt left this message 2783 days ago

You’re editing a system file, so really you need to use the Terminal program. Load it up from Accessories > Terminal and pop in the command sudo nano /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf

That will open up a text-based editor with the file. Put a # in front of the line and press CTRL-X and hit ‘Y’ (it’s asking whether you want to save the file). That should be it!

Andy left this message 2780 days ago

please help.
I ran your code and installed squeezeplay just fine, got it working with my server.
I had previously had tarkans install so tried to remove tarkans. This removed the button.

So, I thought I would do full un-install with “./ remove native”. When my joggler rebooted I now have no icons. I have the home button, the wifi connected icon and the date time. all other buttons have gone, its just a black screen.

I think it’s just a file that has been removed or wiped in the uninstall, that has the reference to all the icons/buttons. but i dont know how to fix it.

Can you help me please?


craig left this message 2780 days ago

Hmm, that sounds odd – do you know what version of the Joggler operating system you are using? The only way I can think of that could cause a problem like that would be some kind of mis-formatting of the O2 application XML file. I’ve put a copy of the file from my Joggler online; try this:

1. SSH in to your Joggler
2. cd /openpeak/gui/
3. mv o2-applications.xml o2-applications.xml.orig
3. wget
4. sudo reboot

Hopefully you should have the icons back after the reboot. I’d recommend doing a software update from the Settings menu after that. If it doesn’t work, I think you may need to restore the partition from the backup that the Joggler has on it’s internal flash. To do that, download disca’s Ubuntu image, pop it on a USB stick and boot it, then do the following:

sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p3 of=/dev/mmcblk0p2 bs=10M

Then wait until it’s finished, turn off the Joggler, take out the USB stick and turn it back on. That’s a dangerous command, though – get it wrong and you could have all sorts of problems. Hopefully you won’t need it.

Andy left this message 2779 days ago

I’ve got same… black screen and just a top line..

back to another install!

Steve Richardson left this message 2775 days ago

Installed your build of Squeezeplayer on Joggler and it is excellent. But to make it perfect for my use, I would love to see some alternative now playing screens…

I am using the joggler mainly as a display device, it is on the Hi-Fi shelves and is some distance from the seating position (I know I could move it but it has to be wife friendly too!) So here is my plea…

Is there any way there could be a display mode that shows the maximum cover art to the left 480×480, with larger font shows playing info in a scrolling region to the right. Or maybe a top panel showing similar to classic3 scrolling info in large font, with lesser info to the limited region on the right, eg 2.34/4.23 playing time info, digital time? etc. Anything with a larger cover art and larger playing info would be great.

I have no idea how hard this would be, to introduce a new mode. Alternatively on the main display an increase in both the cover art to the max space available, at the moment there is a boarder. Also the font for the playing info could be increase and use scrolling more. Maybe the font sizes could respect the font sizing info which does not seem to do anything on squeezeplayer?

Finally, maybe I have missed something, but I dont get VU options when scrolling through now playing, any ideas what I have missed?

Thanks again for any info, very impressed with your work. Beer money would certainly be in its way if any of my above desires were met ;-)

David Woodward left this message 2774 days ago

@Steve Richardson
You’ll need to leave a little more information than that if expect anything to be fixed! What OS are you running it on? How did you install it? Did you get any error messages?

@David Woodward
Adding extra Now Playing screens is certainly possible, but it would be quite a bit of work, I think. I’ve not discovered how those screens are presented as display options in the code, as they have to be in the skin and be available to turn on and off under the Settings > Screen > Now Playing menu.

I don’t think I’ll have time to investigate this I’m afraid, but a good starting point for anyone that did would be to look at the WQVGAsmallSkin files and see how the different displays are implemented. In the short term for your purposes, it may be enough to modify the default image-and-text portion of the skin to match what you’re after.

As for the VU options, I’ve never had a hardware SqueezeBox, so I didn’t realise there were supposed to be any options. They may well not have been implemented in the SqueezePlay code. I find the spectrum and VU displays a bit of a mess anyway – I only fixed them up because it would have been worse to leave them! What options are supposed to appear?

Andy left this message 2773 days ago

thanks for your reply. I thought adding additional views might be somewhat complex. However, I would certainly vote for bigger artwork and larger fonts on the main now playing screen. Think this is probably beyond me, unless you can offer some pointers! Or is it something you could see a way of enhancing in your standard built?

I may have confused re VU. I did not mean VU options, rather I am simply not seeing the VU/spectrum display at all, any ideas? Thanks again for any help. Cheers David

David Woodward left this message 2771 days ago

Thanks for the credits, my part in this is a fairly minor one, but its nice to see my little bit of it recognised!

I will be trying this out this weekend.

Justblair left this message 2771 days ago

Hi there

Really appreciate the work on the program!

This is probably a dumb question, but a point in the direction of an answer would be great. I’ve installed squeezeplay on my joggler, it seems to be fine, but I can’t get it to play any music. I’ve put a load of albums in MP3 on a usb drive attached to the joggler, buy when I try to get squuezeplay to play something it just states I need to install squeezeplayer server on a computer in the network or attached a usb drive / device. What am I doing wrong?

Any help appreciated!

Jimbo left this message 2707 days ago

Jimbo, you need to either install Squeezebox server on a networked computer or on the Joggler itself – Squeezeplay is just a client.

Andy, all installed fine – working great in the bathroom! Could you please provide instructions to automatically start the program once tango has started. I assume it involves editing /etc/init.d/rcS to include the command to start the gui – but the icon starts “http://localhost:22222/squeezeplay.cgi” which confused me (with it not being a command)!

no1knows left this message 2704 days ago

edit: you need to add the following to /etc/init.d/rcS to start Squeezeplay automatically:

sleep 10
cd /openpeak/tango
./localrun http://localhost:22222/squeezeplay.cgi > /media/squeezeplay/log.txt &

no1knows left this message 2704 days ago

@no1knows Aye, that’ll auto start it – thanks for posting! :)

Andy left this message 2698 days ago

Tried you Squeezeplayer version on the Joggler, and it works a treat – nice work (I tried the GForums version previously, and it seemed to randomly crash the Joggler)! One small problem I have noticed though: on one of my Jogglers, I am actually using its audio output (as opposed to just using it as a controller for logitech H/W). After a few hours, the audio stops working (even though the Squeezeplay application thinks it is playing). Quitting Squeezeplayer and re-starting it fixes the problem, but only for another few hours. I have 3 Jogglers, and they all behave in the same way. Is this something you’ve seen? Any ideas? Cheers!

Derek left this message 2664 days ago

@Derek Glad it’s working for you! Yes, I experience exactly the same problem on my Jogglers too. I’ve never found a solution the underlying problem (or even what that problem may be), but I did write a script to run from cron that is helpful.

If you look in /opt/squeezeplay/bin/ you’ll find Give it execute permissions with sudo chmod +x /opt/squeezeplay/bin/ and take a look at the instructions at the top of the file for adding it to /etc/crontab.

It’s by no means ideal (and it does sometimes restart SquezePlay when it’s not supposed to), but it does mean that on the whole I never walk up to a Joggler and need to give SQP a kick manually any more.

Andy left this message 2653 days ago

Hi there, I also have the problem where Squeezeplay doesn’t play correctly after a while. I’d like to investigate and see if I can find the bug – do you have your customised squeezeplay source available so I can start with that as I do use your builds.

Mr Parp left this message 2651 days ago

Hi, I have just performed the install of Squeezeplay on my joggler following your instructions and it all goes well or so it seems.

I now have the blue Logitech icon on my joggler but it doesn’t launch anything? The Joggler is up to date with its firmware and meets the requirements you specify. Any ideas why Squeezeplay doesn’t start?

Peter Cassidy left this message 2649 days ago

Hi, I have just tried to update from a previous version and ran into the same issue as Peter Cassidy (no response after pressing the icon).

thomaskunze left this message 2648 days ago

Hi again. I started from scratch and found the following error after starting manually: # sh
./jive: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.11’ not found (required by ./jive)
Any hints are welcome!

thomaskunze left this message 2648 days ago

Well, I reinstalled from a local copy (7.6.0-9103) and everything went smoothly. I am no linux geek, but maybe a recompiled version would help?

thomaskunze left this message 2648 days ago

Hi Thomas, how did you do install from a local copy?

Peter Cassidy left this message 2648 days ago

sorry Thomas none the wiser?
Are you saying I need to edit out the crossed through parts of the script?
If so how do I do that?
I’m a complete noobie bear in mind!

Peter Cassidy left this message 2646 days ago

Hi Thomas OK I understand now what you did. Problem is I don’t have copies of those files from a while ago. Do you think he has recompiled a version recently and that were the problems have started?

Andy, if your reading this would you mind checking to see the 3 files are ok still as I have tried to install 6 times now and still no luck.

Thanks Peter

Peter Cassidy left this message 2646 days ago

Hi Peter, unfortunately my text has been completely messed up. Indeed, you’ll have to edit the file and provide with your own (hosting-) site for the file squeezeplay-7.6.0-9103-thinned.tgz or “just” mount a USB-drive, copy that file to /media and rerun I guess, you do not have this (outdated) version at hand… so you’ll have to wait for the author to re-upload the previous version or fix the new one. IMO I’m not allowed to share it to the public on my own, so I am really sorry I can’t help you out right now.

thomaskunze left this message 2646 days ago

@everyone Sorry all! Yes, it seems that the compile that ran on Ubuntu 10.10 is not happy on the Joggler after all. I mustn’t have properly installed it myself in testing. I’ll create a new version.

@Mr Parp If you take a look at this article there’s everything you need to get the latest source and modifications made.

Andy left this message 2646 days ago

Version 7.6.0-9299 has been uploaded and it works fine. Please follow the installation instructions again to get up and running. Normal service has been resumed. :)

Andy left this message 2646 days ago

running new version no probs – thanks for the hard work Andy.

no1knows left this message 2645 days ago

Hi Andy. I’m probably being a bit dim here, but what’s the full path to: /opt/squeezeplay/bin/ ? Cheers.

Derek left this message 2643 days ago

sqpidlerestart doesn’t seem to work since the upgrade Andy – are you getting this too?

When I run it manually I get: /opt/squeezeplay/bin/ line 33: kill: (4590) – No such process

no1knows left this message 2642 days ago

@Derek /opt/squeezeplay/bin/ is the full path… do you mean the script to start the software? That would be /opt/squeezeplay/bin/

@no1knows Odd, I’ve not changed I’ll check it out.

Andy left this message 2642 days ago

@no1knows It seems OK to me, but I’m planning to take another look at that script in the next few weeks anyway, as I’m trying to find a better method of dealing with it.

On that note, if anyone knows how to detect whether audio is playing from the command line, that nugget of information would be very helpful!

Andy left this message 2642 days ago

Clearly, I’m doing something wrong here :-(

If I connect to my Joggler using Putty, and I go up the directory structure as far as I can, I don’t see a directory called /opt.

Derek left this message 2641 days ago

@Derek Ahh, sorry – I didn’t realise you were using the native operating system! I’m afraid there’s no for the O2 system. I’m trying to think up a plan to get around the problem, but I’ve not had much luck so far. Watch this space, I’m afraid.

Andy left this message 2638 days ago

That would explain it! However, I’ve made an interesting discovery. One of my Jogglers was powered down at an inappropriate moment, and trashed its own memory image (the result being that it never got beyond the O2 logo during boot). I re-built the flash image (by booting Linux from a USB flash drive) according to this:
And now, the SQP audio has stopped crapping out after a few hours. Clearly, this could be a fluke, so I’m going to try the same rebuild on one of my other two Jogglers and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

Derek left this message 2638 days ago

I had no text under the Squeezeplay icon, but found that it takes the label from a file called language.xml in the folder indicated by the ‘loc’ attribute in the applications.xml file.

So I created a file /media/squeezeplay/app/language.xml with the contents <copy><mm en=“Squeeze Player” /></copy>

And changed the /media/appshop/applications.xml file so that the squeezeplay entry has loc=”/media/squeezeplay/app/” icon=“icon.swf” (ie, give the path in the ‘loc’ attribute and then remove the path from the ‘icon’ attribute), and then restarted the front end shell (killall tango)

This gave me a label of ‘Squeeze Player’ under the icon. Any non-english user’s would need to put an appropriate entry in languages.xml of course.. looking at other entries under /media/appshop folders should make it obvious

Tim left this message 2632 days ago

Ah.. too much simultaneous fiddling and not enough checking on my part… with what I suggested above the icon no longer loads the app. I tried putting http://localhost:22222/ as the loc and adjusting the other items, but can’t seem to get tango to both read the title AND launch the app, so I’ll withdraw the suggestion.

Tim left this message 2632 days ago

@Tim Strangely enough, I’m taking another look at this at the moment. The non-launching is due to the Flash button; I’d originally opted for having a button with user feedback (an on and an off state) instead of text underneath, as this matched the behaviour of the other apps, if not the exact appearance.

I’m hoping that I can tweak the button to make it all work as part of a little launcher system I’m putting together. No promises, but I’ll update here when it’s done.

@everyone The latest version now supports powering the screen on and off via remotes, which didn’t work properly before. Thanks to florca on the Joggler Forums for that.

Andy left this message 2627 days ago

script also works on “Telio Touch” aka “OpenFrame 2.0” – thank’s man

Dawid left this message 2622 days ago

@Dawid That’s fantastic – thanks for posting! :)

Andy left this message 2622 days ago

@Dawid: So you own a Telio Touch? Sounds great. Do you think you could create an image of the System/Software, the Telio Touch is using? That can be done rather easy using telnet and an usb stick for storing the image files.
They could be very useful when we could transfer the software on the joggler perhaps.
Hope you read this and write back :-) best, gforums. christian[{a/t}]

gforums left this message 2618 days ago

Is there any reason why you’re using mongoose to launch Squeezeplay? You can launch the app natively by using the method detailed by “starter” here:

I use it with Tarkan’s release (after removing all the lines starting up mongoose) and it works perfectly, seems wasteful to run a webserver when one isn’t required, especially on a box with so little resources to begin with :D

gothi left this message 2617 days ago

@gothi The initial reason was that I didn’t know of any other way, although I’ll certainly look in to this alternative. However, the main reason now is that SqueezePlay is launched by a generic app launcher with a web UI, which I’ve written as a very simple plugin system for installing or removing apps. The hope is that others wanting to put little apps together can use it to add them to the interface without messing with applications.xml.

There’s the possibility that this more ‘proper’ method of launching that you point out can be used to fix my last irritation; the fact that flash buttons have no visual feedback when pressed if you want text under the icon. That will be my main drive for using it. The Joggler is actually very roomy when it comes to resources; a 40KB web server is nothing when there’s 512MB to play with. ;)

Andy left this message 2617 days ago

I “hand rolled” a copy of your install using the native launch feature and it works beautifully.

Spotted a couple of issues with your build if you can advise?

*Unable to add/remove apps from home screen. Tarkan’s build has a full menu/app listing allowing you to toggle which menus/app to display on the homescreen. The same area on your build has options to re-display hidden items but no way to toggle them on/off (I wanted to add an App to the homescreen and couldn’t find any way to do it.)

* xset location is hard coded in JiveMain.lua. I installed to /media/squeezeplayer and updated the paths in the startup script. Setting this location in a variable would be beneficial, especially if you ever move the apps location (much as I did). I didn’t bother updating the path in the end as I have my Joggler set to display Flicker photo’s when idle so any screen dimming would be counter productive for my usage.

All in all it’s top work, the only thing stopping me running it full time is when I need to load Tarkan’s build up to configure the homescreen menu :)
I ammended no1knows’ instructions for startup slightly as using ./localrun resulted in a blank screen for me:
sleep 10
cd /media/squeezeplay/bin
./ &

gothi left this message 2616 days ago

@gothi Both of those issues are things I’m going to look into. The first is more complicated, as I only noticed that the option to add/remove from the home screen had gone when I was using my own Joggler last week. It was present in previous versions, so my assumption is that something has changed in Logitech’s own code. If you wanted to dig further, you could download an earlier ‘core’ and try decompressing that over your existing installation to see if the option is returned (versions 9103 and 9299 are still hosted). If the skin is causing the issue I’ll need to do some file comparisons to see what’s happened.

The xset path definitely needs sorting.

Andy left this message 2614 days ago

Turns out it was something that was committed to the 7.6 trunk last year:
Not being able to add any apps to the homescreen was something the dev was going to work on in July so not really sure what’s happened there. Looks like I might need to keep Tarkan’s build around for the odd occasion I install a new app.

gothi left this message 2614 days ago

Version 1.22 is now available, which uses an updated launcher that starts SqueezePlay ‘natively’, without relying on a web server on the native OS. The web server is still installed though, as it’s needed for the web interface.

If you don’t want a web UI, just rename or delete /media/launcher/mongoose and delete the line that starts it from /etc/init.d/rcS. The script won’t add it back if the binary is missing.

Also for the native OS, buttons with visual feedback now work with text underneath and (assuming we ever see one again) the whole thing should even survive a firmware update. ;)

Andy left this message 2613 days ago


I installed this onto my joggler and now I dont have any icons on the main page, only the time and home button. I can start squeezeplay from the command line, and from the web server by running the trigger.cgi file.

I have tried doing what you suggested to craig above, but the icons are still missing.

Any help would be appreciated.

Adam left this message 2613 days ago

@Adam Hmm. Could you check a couple of things for me, please? If you’re on the command line type cat /etc/software.ver and then cat /media/appshop/applications.xml. Post the output back here. Your operating system is still running, so I’m guessing it’s either your system version or your applications file.

This has been tested on many Jogglers in many states of disrepair now and I’ve still never seen this for myself, so I’d love to know what causes it.

Andy left this message 2612 days ago

Hi Andy,

The version comes back as 26635.S3.

XML file:

<app id=“launcher” static=“1” ext=“1” standalone=“1” loc=”/media/launcher/apps/SqueezePlay/” icon=“icon.swf” app=”/media/launcher/apps/SqueezePlay/trigger.cgi”/> </applications>

I also have another Joggler which I installed the previous version on. I also lost the icons on this one too, however i managed to get them back by playing with the xml file, however the text under the squeezeplay icon is missing.

This is the xml of the working joggler. It’s also running the same s/w version 26635.S3.

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>
<applications> <app static=“1” id=“squeezeplay” loc=”“ icon=”/media/squeezeplay/app/icon.swf” app=“http://localhost:2222

The 2 jogglers are running different versions of your build, so i have not tried copying the files over yet.

Adam left this message 2612 days ago

I see the problem. You’re missing <applications> from the start of the /media/appshop/applications.xml on the first Joggler. If you add that as the first line in the file, you’ll be up and running.

The working Joggler has an incomplete line, which is why the icon isn’t appearing. Delete the line starting with ‘<app …’, then follow the installation instructions again (but run ./ reinstall native).

Unfortunately, without seeing the XML files before they were altered, it’s tricky to figure out why this would have happened. I’ll take another look at the launcher (which handles modifications to this file) to see if there’s a way it could be more robust.

Andy left this message 2612 days ago

That’s got it. I had to remove the original installation on the second Joggler including the script. I downloaded the new script above and used this to install. I now have 2 working Jogglers running squeezeplay. :)

Thank you so much for your help Andy.

Adam left this message 2611 days ago

Hi roobarb,

Just to let you know we’ve all defected to exobuzz’s new forum at – I think you’re the last big contributer not to have registered!

dwl99 left this message 2609 days ago

@dwl99 Thanks for the heads-up, I’m on it now! :)

Andy left this message 2609 days ago

Hi, installed Squeezebox server on my Vista desktop. Followed this guide and have the Squeezbox icon on my Joggler. I click on it, select a language, click continue on the Welcome screen and then get presented with 2 options – or the name of my networked PC. I select the networked PC and get this error –

Problem Connecting: We couldn’t connect to <computer name>. Make sure your computer is turned on and connected to your local network and that squeezebox server is currently running

Squeezebox server is definitely running and PC connected to network, so no idea what to do to solve this! Any suggestions?

rd left this message 2598 days ago

Ignore previous comment – found ZoneAlarm blocking it connecting to PC. That is sorted now, but I have another question. I have a 1TB WD MyBook with music on – if I bought one of these ( and attached it (effectively making it a NAS), could this work with the joggler?

rd left this message 2598 days ago

@rd If you mean through Squeezebox Server / SqueezePlay, so long as you pointed the server at it, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I don’t know that particular piece of hardware, though.

Andy left this message 2596 days ago

I’ve got Squeezeplayer installed on my joggler and all works fine. However, I’ve tried to install the BBC third party app …. it says Downloading Applet, then Restarting ….. then nothing happens, it just sits there forever with the Restarting icon rotating.

Anyone know how to actually get it installed?!

Alison left this message 2588 days ago

@Alison Are you running Squeezebox Server or does your Joggler just link straight to a account? If you’re running the server you can go to http://<serverip>:9000/ and install the plugin from there. I’ve not tried installing plugins directly, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were to be something not quite right with it.

Andy left this message 2586 days ago

Hi. Can someone help me please I am trying to get ssh access to my joggler however I have tried four usb sticks formatted in FAT32 with the extracted files (four of them) from the jogglerwiki page, plugged into joggler and reboot but nothing happens on either of them, jest get the normal o2 screen? Getting really frustrating now. Any ideas please?

Matthew Jackson left this message 2583 days ago

You’re better off asking on the Joggler Wiki Forum really, but have you definitely copied the invisible .sum file? If you have, don’t expect to see anything other than the normal boot sequence. The installation will complete with no feedback. You then just point your Terminal app or PuTTY.

If this doesn’t work, please post on the forum and someone there will be able to help.

Andy left this message 2583 days ago

Now got ssh/putty working and I want to install apps from here:
but can someone tell me the keypad commands for inserting a new line to add text in Putty and then once I have done that I need to press esc and run two more commands but I cant get to the end to run to further commands – what keys do you press for this please?

Matthew Jackson left this message 2582 days ago

@Matthew Jackson Better off asking in the forums, if you don’t mind. This comment thread isn’t really the place for general Linux advice.

Andy left this message 2582 days ago

Thanks Andy, now registered to the forum.

Matthew Jackson left this message 2580 days ago

Help Help please. Just downloaded squeezeplay fine but I have lost all apps just a blank screen. Got home button (top left) wifi and info top right but no apps!
1. SSH in to your Joggler
2. cd /openpeak/gui/
3. mv o2-applications.xml o2-applications.xml.orig
3. wget
4. sudo reboot

but nothing – I presume 4. is just ‘reboot’?
How do I get them back please?

Matthew Jackson left this message 2575 days ago

Reading previous posts I guess this will help – from my joggler

# cat /etc/software.ver

# cat /media/appshop/applications.xml
<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>
<applications/> <app id=“launcher” static=“1” ext=“1” standalone=“1” loc=”/media/launcher/apps/SqueezePlay/” icon=“icon.swf” app=”/media/launcher/apps/SqueezePlay/trigger.cgi”/>

Matthew Jackson left this message 2575 days ago

@Matthew Jackson This crops up from time to time and I’ve never been able to replicate it on my own devices. Try replacing the /media/appshop/applications.xml file with a blank and rebooting:

mv /media/appshop/applications.xml /media/appshop/ignoremeapplications.xml
echo -e ‘<applications>\n</applications>’ > /media/appshop/applications.xml

If this brings everything back to normal, then there may have been a problem with the SqueezePlay files that were downloaded. I would remove the install, download the script again and give it another try.

cd /media
./ purge native
chmod +x ./
./ install native

The script should really check the integrity of the files with an MD5 hash before attempting to install, but I’ve just never got around to doing that.

Andy Davison left this message 2575 days ago

Hi Andy – could you please explain how to ‘Try replacing the /media/appshop/applications.xml file with a blank’

I am very new to all this and would be grateful for your further assistance. Thank you

matthew jackson left this message 2575 days ago

@Matthew Jackson Just copy and paste the code I posted in the message above, line by line, into the terminal window while connected over SSH. I’ve put it in bold now. eg.

mv /media/appshop/applications.xml /media/appshop/ignoremeapplications.xml

…will move the original file and call it ‘ignoremeapplications.xml’.

Andy Davison left this message 2575 days ago

Thank you very much all works now. Great useful info in case I encounter to same problem on future installs. Thanks again

Matthew Jackson left this message 2575 days ago

@Matthew Jackson Great stuff. Thanks for letting me know – it looks like adding that integrity check should move a little higher up the to do list. :)

Andy left this message 2569 days ago

For support and further discussion, please use the SqueezePlay thread on the Joggler Forum.