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Update Control for Joggler

Updated: 16th November 2011

Download Update Control v1.01 – (3.4KB)

On occasion, your Joggler will contact OpenPeak and ask if there are any operating system updates to be applied. It’s pretty certain now that the answer will always be ‘no’, but of course, it checks anyway.

Certain units, when contacting OpenPeak, provoke a response which makes the Joggler believe there is an update to be applied. However, no valid update is ever fetched, which causes the Joggler to enter a constant loop; booting, checking, attempting to install, rebooting…

Update Control for Joggler makes a tiny change to the library file, preventing the Joggler from reaching the OpenPeak servers, breaking the reboot cycle. There are additional update scripts in the Joggler’s software which may still attempt to connect to OpenPeak, but these do not appear to have an active function at this time.


This is the standard patching procedure for Jogglers running the native operating system:

  1. Download the zip file and copy the contents to a FAT formatted USB stick.
  2. Make sure you have copied all the files, including the ‘.sum’ file.
  3. Plug the USB stick into a powered-off Joggler.
  4. Power on the Joggler and wait until the normal interface appears.

Please consult the README file in the archive for more details.

Your Joggler should beep twice if updates have been disabled. If you want to enable them again, just reboot with the stick attached a second time and it should beep once to let you know that updates are active again.

Thank you!

It took a little digging to find where this update check was located and wouldn’t have been possible without Mr_Dave providing a unit that exhibited the problem, so we have him to thank for this problem finally being fixed!

Have installed the squeezeplay OS on my joggler with excellent results, thank you. However my previous incarnation was squeezeplayer on JoliCloud with XBMC alongside which had a “ Slideshow” as a screensaver option. Sadly this is lacking in the pure OS version. Is it possible to add this to my joggler in some way or is it part of the XBMC plugins. Your advice would help me sleep at night as I have exhausted all googling.
Kind Regards

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